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Andreas Becker

In 1957 Andreas Becker, who would become a passionate hardrock guitarist,was born in Braunschweig, Germany. He began his career in 1978 with the German jazz-rock group Fee (Fee means Fairy). Becker appeared on four LPs and completed several tours with Fee.
With the relase of Peter Maffay's album " Kein Weg zu Weit" (No Way too Far) which showcased Becker's superb hard rock skills, Even among his professional colleagues, Becker is highly regarded as a virtuoso. The songwriter responsible for the beautiful song "Ich Fühl Wie Du" (I feel As You) on the " Tabaluga and Lilli" album, is Andreas Becker. Add to that these other impressive original songs on Maffay album " X " " Wenn Du Willst" (If You Want), "Für Immer" (For Always) and "Bring Mich Nach Haus" (Bring Me Home). Andreeas remains one of the outstanding musicians in the rock music World.

The Handsome Andreas is: (Height) Größe: 1,93 m (Weight) Gewicht: 79 kg He has: (Eyes) Augen: Gray- blue / grau-blau (Hair) Haare: Medium brown / mittelbraun And Enjoys: Reading, Cooking, Motorcycle Riding, Music Hobbies: Lesen, Kochen, Fahrradfahren, Musik Some of his Favorite things are: Lieblingsautor/en: Truman Capote, Martin Walser, John Updike, Martin Amis, Wolf Haas, W.Somerset Maugham (Authors) Lieblingskoch: Andreas Becker favorite food: Macaroni with a sauce of tomato,garlic,olive oil, anchovies,and capers. Lieblingsgericht: Maccheroni mit Tomaten-Knoblauch-Olivenöl-Sardellen-Kapern-Soße (food) Lieblingsmusiker: Free (Paul Rogers), Neil Young, Michael McDonald, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting (musicians/bands) Lieblingsfilm:(Movie) Gilbert Grape angezogen von: Bescheidenheit, Offenheit abgestoßen von: Ignoranz - positive Eigenschaften: humorvoll, einfühlsam More about Andreas