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Bertram Engel

Born Bertram Passmann on November 27, 1957 in Burgsteinfurt, Germany, He began playing piano at age 7.
By Middle School He knew it would be drums for him.
At 17 years old Bertram Engel signed his first contract as a professional musician.
In 1976 he joined Udo Lindenberg and his Panik Orkester.
One year later he became a member in Peter Maffay's band.
With Peter Maffay's double album "Lange Schatten" in 1988, Bertram Engel and Carl Carlton (guitarist) became part of a successful song writing team.
His work on the album " Kein Weg zu Weit" the following year earned for Engel credit as a co-producer. Bertram Engel has also collaborated with such high profile names as: Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker, Wolfgang Niedecken, Stephan Remmler, Robert Palmer and Jimmy Barnes.
Bertram Engel has played on more than 100 CD Productions.

Dubbed "The Steam Hammer from Westphalia" because of his explosive style of play Engel became the model for many young Drummers.
Bertram Engel is widely recognized in the music world, and considered by many to be Deutschland's best Schlagzeuger.

Engel was at one time in the Duo Gebruder Engel. He also played with the Dutch Band Vitesse, and appeared with Carl Carlton as part of the band New Legend with the Peter Maffay Tour.

Bertram Engel is currently a member of the band Carl Carlton and the Songdogs as well as a core member of the Maffay Band. Teamed with Carl Carton he has also written and co-produced many of the songs on The Songdogs most recent album,
Love and Respect (2003 Tracks on this album: 1. Days of Magic [Carlton/Engel], 2. Queen of Attitude [Carlton/Engel], 3. Lucky [Carlton/Palmer], 4. Love, Understanding & Respect [Carlton/Palmer], 5. Kingston (Reefer & Rum) [Carlton/Engel], 6. The Downfall [Carlton/Engel/May], 7. Can You Tell Me [Moore], 8. My Oh My [Young/Emerson], 9. He Gave the Names [Carlton/Engel], 10 Deep Colours Bleed [Carlton/Engel], 11 Alive [Carlton/Engel]