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Peter Maffay Biography

1999 - The film "Gefangen in Jemen" stars Peter Maffay.
2000 - On March 27 "drops" the new Peter Maffay album " X ".Entire Album played on Sony BMG Backpage Web Radio one day before CD available in stores.
2001 - World Music Awards - Best National Artist - Deutschland
2002 - Heute vor Dreissig Jahre Tour revisits Hamburg where Maffay's stage career as a Superstar began. Album goes double platinum.
2002 - Germany's Echo Music Awards - Awarded trophy for Best Rock/POP Artist.
2002 - "Tabaluga und das verschenkte Glueck" , With the end of summer the fourth album in the Tabaluga series is complete.
2005 - "Laut & Leise", A double CD. The first studio Album in five years is released in January and immediately goes to the top of the German sales charts where it stays for several weeks. Back to his roots...The "new old Maffay" album went gold after only two weeks. After 10 weeks, Platinum! Since 29th August the album is also available as double DualDisc. Fans can enjoy now the music on a side of the CD or turn the disc over , insert in the DVD player and see a lot of film material from the Open Air Tour and from behind the scenes. The entire album is in enhanced In stereo.
Laut& Leise LIVE now on dual CD with DVD on flip side.
2006 - Laut & Leise Tour on Dual DVD Live from Hamburg.