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1949 - On 08.30. Peter Alexander Makkay was born in Kronstadt, Romania. 1963 - The family re-settles in Germany, his mother's homeland. Maffay creates his first band, The Dukes.
1970 - " Du " ("You") becomes a million sold hit (Gold Record)
1973 - Separation from producer Michael Kunze. 1979 - The album " Steppenwolf " and the single " So Bist Du " both hit number 1 on the charts at the same time.
1980 Maffay develops into a politically engaged artist, signs the Krefelder Appeal and supports meetings of the peace movement.
The album "Revanche" ("Revenge ") becomes, with 1.6 million units sold, his most successful album.
1982 - Maffay appears as a guest with Rolling Stones before 500.000 visitors.
1983 - Maffay builds his own recording Studio in Tutzing. The most successful German concept album, the rock fairy tale "Tabaluga, oder die Reisse zur Vernuenft" (" Tabaluga, or the Journey to the Reason ")is produced in his own "Red Rooster" studio.
1984 - The album Carambolage is released.
1985 - Artist Gottfried Helnwein designs the Cover of "Sonne in der Nacht" (Sun in the Night).
Peter Maffay is the first German Artist to film his entire album and publish it on video.
Maffay becomes the first German artist to play his self-designed (uncensored by the state)concerts in the GDR. Cards (tickets) are made available for sale to the public; Over 300.000 people try to get cards for the first concerts in Rostock
1986 - The second Tabaluga album " Tabaluga und das Leuchtende Schweigen " ("Tabaluga and the Luminous Silence") appears. Maffay creates the Horizon Foundation together with friends e.V.
Peter Maffay stars in the motion picture " Der Joker ". Director: Peter Patzak, in supporting roles: Tahnee Welch, Armin Mueller Stahl, Michael York and Elliot Gould.
1988 - Peter Maffay releases "Lange Schatten" ("long shadows") and in the same year goes on tour.
1989 - "Kein Weg zu Weit" ("No Way too Far") is published.
1990 - " Kein Weg zu Weit" Concert tour in the Leipziger stadium.,br> 1993 - " Tabaluga and Lilli ", the third album from this series published.
1994 - " Tabaluga and Lilli ", the tour travels to 90 concert halls and is attended by almost 700,000 spectators, an achievement of such magnitude never before attained.
1996 - The album " Maffay ' 96 " occupied for 8 weeks the number 1 position on the charts. Approximately 800,000 units sold. The tour of the same name registers 500,000 visitors.
1997 - Maffay ' 96 Live is published in January. The album climbs directly into the Top Ten.
1998 - "Begegnungen" (" Meetings / Encounters "), Maffay's second concept album, which connects five continents by their music, again goes into the Top Ten. Here he plays with musical personalities such as Jose Carreras, Keb ' Mo ', Noa, the Australian group Yothu Yindi and many others. "Begegnungen" reaches platinum status and beyond. At the end of May/beginning of June, Maffay plays four enormous open air venues with Eros Ramazzotti. At the start of November the prodigious" Begegnungen " tour begins. The tour ends 06.12.1998 with great success.
1999 - The musical " Tabaluga and Lilli " celebrated on 24.09.1999 in its own theatre house " TheatrO CentrO " at Oberhausen premiere.
The fourth Tabaluga CD was released on The new Musical Tour of Tabaluga und das Verschenkte Glückproved to be another fan favorite.
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