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Frank Diez is considered by the music world to be one of the most outstanding European blues guitarists. A major part in the history of German rock since the early seventies. Diez is internationally known as a stage and studio artist. He is the only German musician to have played in sessions and concerts with stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. In addition, Diez had worked with Atlantis, Randy Pie, Ihre Kinder, Snowball, Emergency, Konstantin Wecker, Eric Burdon, Alex Conti, Tom Principato and Miller Anderson.

The Maffay Connection
Diez was one of the first members of the Peter Maffay Band. For thirty years he was a principal producer and guitarist. Citing health reasons, and the physically demanding schedule Maffay maintains, Diez left the band in 2004. Currently he is busy with more blues based projects, his own band, and other artists.

Good News
Frank Diez is on tour with Peter Maffay: January April 2009