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Frank Diez, Gitarre

Frank Diez is the only German guitarist, who has accompanied Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. His passion is the Blues, and with the Blues Diez became an internationally renowned Gitarist. He began working with Peter Maffay in 1974 and can be heard on every Maffay recording since that time. In 1977 he joined the Peter Maffay Band as a permanent member. His guitar playing has shaped not only such bands "Ihre Kinder", "Atlantis", "Randy Pie", "Snowball" and Eric Burdon's "Fire Department", but also Klaus Kinski's and Giorgio Moroder's "Station" from "Blues Brother" Frank Diez. While working on a production in 1986 with Konstantin Wecker, Diez met a protegé of Wecker's the exceptionally talented bassist Colin Hodgkinson. Eight long years Hodgkinson had played music with Alexis Korner. He was also a music partner with Mick Jagger and Jan Hammer. Now, Diez and Hodgkinson took-up an experimental project, they became the "Electric Blues Duo". With no additional background musicians, only their two voices and guitars, they made four CDs and played over 1000 concerts in Europe and abroad. In the following years Diez produced numerous blues records. In April 2000 he published his first solo album „Stranded On Fantasy Island"

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