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With friends,in a Munich rock club, in a studio, or on tour with Peter Maffay's Band...

where ever he went,Eddie Taylor's saxophone was never out of his sight. Whenever Eddie's came out of its case the sensitive playing of Eddie Taylor set right ambiance.

At the start of the 60's Taylor came to Europe. He played first in France, then Italy and Switzerland with different jazz and blues bands, as a studio musician, in order to make a living. He came to Germany with the American Folk and Blues Festival. In Munich, Eddie found his second homeland.

In 1979 Eddie Taylor joined the Peter Maffay Band. His technique, his personal, "einfuehlsamer" (sensitive) style and the warm tone of his playing became not only a signature sound in the music of Peter Maffay, but also the model for numerous saxophonists in Germany.

Eddie retired from the band due to a serious illness. Today he is able to play limited engagements.