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I Feel as You


I feel as you, yes its so emense
for you always in all eternity.
I feel as you and want you to feel
I hear you too, without words
I can understand you
you will see, you are the sunrise
and I am on clouds
Oh - and when you are there
it is always so.

I feel as you, an adventurer
in me burns, a new fire, before you,
tenderness was only a word, no more
I like you so much and if you're not there
to hear my heart it will beat no more.


I feel as you, you are my life
it will always be so, it will never change
I hear you too, without words
I can understand you
You will see


The heavens come together,
a storm goes through my blood
The earth is on fire
and it will always be so!

(Duet with Peter Maffay and Alexis
Tabaluga und Lilli)


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