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Peter Maffay

Peter Maffay Peter's Harley Tabaluga & Lilli auf die Buhne Maffay 1996 Tour Laut & Leise Tour 2005

If music is the universal language, Peter Maffay is the ultimate linguist. He is a natural singer with a good ear. Peter has a rich resonant voice with considerable range and power. He has always been driven to make the most of these gifts. Maffay's career spans more than 30 productive years. He possesses the innate ability to blend his vocal timbre, feeling and instinctual artistry with precise instrumentation and intriguing tempos. Maffay and his band sound so good! Sie vortreiben die Dunkelheit" (They chase away the darkness) From Rock to ballads carefree and raucous to the most poignant, heartfelt, and tender songs, Peter Maffay Rocks!

From the very young to the very mature, fans of all ages agree, he is simply the best.

For samples from his newest double album "Laut & Leise", news, tour dates, photos, biography and discography (in German)

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