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"Encounters II: An Alliance for Children," will be a collection of songs in the original language performed by musicians from each of the chosen communities with Maffay singing in duet. "We choose artists from hotspots around the world," explained Maffay. Proceeds from the album will go directly to a charitable cause dedicated to the children. "Encounters II is intended to take the world to the crisis spots, where the misery is the greatest and the children need our help." The album will bring together artists from around the globe, including: South Africa, India, Korea, China, Ukraine, Romania, Palestine, Afghanistan, South America, and now the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Like other activist rockers, Maffay combines his music with a universal message, "The album is a statement against racism and for respect. We want to prove co-existence," says Maffay.
Rapid City, S.D., March 23,2006 (courtesy - AScribe Newswire)

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