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At only 10 years old, Pascal Kravet already had a hit song. He made his stage debut singing the the socially conscious and touching duet "Wozu Sind Kriege Da" with Udo Lindenberg. While the Peter Maffay band was on tour, Pascal at age 18, demonstrated that he was completely prepared to stand-in temporarily for his father Jean-Jacques on piano and keyboards. Peter was so impressed with Pascal, he invited the young musician to become a permanent member in the Peter Maffay Band.
Pascal plays a number of instuments very well, including guitar and acordian. He also sings backing vocals for Peter Maffay. On the Tabaluga Tour in 1994 sang the beautiful song "Der Baum des Lebens ". (The Tree of Life) To follow Peter's original version required a sensitive and courageous vocalist. Pascal proved again, that he is indeed, "all that".

Kravets' first success as a producer came in 2000 on the project pop album “ with the Herbert Grönemeyer hit "Alcohol" sung by Peter Maffay; as well as with " Wohin wir gehen" for Udo Lindenberg. Other musical credits of Pascal Kravetz include work with artists like Jimmy Barnes, Joe Cocker, Robert Palmer, Bruce Springsteen, Stephan Remmler and Mother's Finest, and more. Pascal Kravets is a man of many talents.

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