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Johnny Tame
(Uwe Reuss)

INAKUSTIK Artist profile (German)

The musical career of Johnny Tame was short, but powerful. He landed in 1967 with Sand in My Shoes as one of the first German writers of the American hits list. When there were no reprecussions following the tenuous success of the newcomer, he went with different credentials by the scene of the German Federal Republic. Until he became acquainted in 1976 with Peter Maffay. Soon thereafter first joint production Tame & Maffay. The duo quickly gained popularity. At the end of the seventies even with stiff competition for the awards: For the second album the interpreters were honoured by the jury of the 1979 German Record Awards; they took " Artist of the Year" honors. Because of this, he dared to again use his civil name, Uwe Reuss, and go back into the arena as a soloist. He published two Long playing (LPs) Indistinct Horizon and Time For Peace, on which he argued his position on socio-political questions. So it was that he was far ahead of his time, The lonely voice calling out in the desert. The dangers, of which he warned once, before long became reality: Air pollution, forest dying or problems with nuclear energy we had used for years. Johnny Tame drew the necessary conclusion: as activist, for Greenpeace, for example, he must work for a better world.

If one makes oneself this conscious, then one will hear the music with open ears. The album with the best Songs of Johnny Tame does not only present one of the best and most self-willed German rock musicians, a man who did not only sing his message, but who acted upon it as well.

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